Being connected with Journey Community Church, allows us to help and touch the lives of many. At Twice Treasured Thrift Store, we don't waste a thing. We find a cause to give, repair damaged items, or find a different use for goods that are beyond repair. Below you'll find a list of great causes your purchases help fund. Thank you!

Mission to Haiti
​profits help fund travel expenses & supplies

Following the 2012 magnitude earthquake in Haiti, Journey Community Church partnered with Mission Eglide de Dieu Union Chretienne par la Foi. Also helping to establish & fund a medical clinic in Haiti.


Journey Food Bank
serving meals to needy families


Vital part of Journey Community Church. Three times each month, the Food Back serves needy families throughout the region...no questions asked. Click here to find out more.



H.I.S. Ministry Tecate
​serving in children's day care for the poor

Since 1994, Jim & Linda Doss have served the people of Tecate, Mexico. Ministering to the poor through a children's day care. The center is a safe place for working mothers to leave their children for free care.


School Support
​providing resources & opportunities

Partnering with Journey Community Church & San Miguel School, Bancroft Elementary School, & La Mesa Middle School. We work alongside these schools to identify critical gaps in their services, resources, and opportunities for filling them.


​ensuring seniors are properly fed & cared for

Identifying elderly in need within the community, and ensuring they are properly fed and cared for. Securing lasting friendships with seniors at facilities we serve.


Journey Against Exploitation
​providing training for participants

Engaging in rescuing & improving the lives of victims of trafficking. We have found that doing so is not easy. We help identify opportunities for involvement & provide training for participants.


Hope for Homeless
​providing food & encouragement

Since May 2003, Hope for Homeless has served the displaced and disposed of San Diego. Providing food and speaking encouragement into their lives.


Foster Children
​joining Journey Community Church

We have linked with Journey Community Church's ministry to help and provide various needs to Foster Children in San Diego.


El Shaddai- Africa
​funding, feeding, & teaching

The El Shaddai Ministry is a primary and secondary school & church located in Swaziland. Margie Brewer has served there for more than 10 years. Goal is to help as many children as possible that have lost their parents, been abused, or abandoned.